“My feeling
    about technique in art
    is that it has about the same value as
        technique in lovemaking:
    heartfelt ineptitude has its appeal
    and so does heartless skill;
            but what you want is
  passionate virtuosity.”

                   John Barth

June Perelstein, C.M.T., C.P.T.

250 Fairmount Ave. #127

Oakland. CA. 94611-5813


Mon.- Sat., 10:30 a.m.- mid-eve.,

some Sundays

    I think I have always been an explorer of sensuality, if one thinks of sensuality in the broad sense, of sensing the world.  Everything that adds to our pleasure becomes a part of the world view that we take with us, into the realm of the senses.

    I seek to inspire you, with my words and with my touch, my modeling of what I think attention is about.  I employ Swedish-Esalen massage, Polarity Energy Balancing, Acupressure, Reflexology, Oncology, other modes of therapeutic and intuitive bodywork, and various kinds of sensual touch, from the more soothing, embracing, to the more specific, focused on the most sensitive parts of the human body.  I’ve been a researcher and teacher in this field all my adult life.  I have a wealth of information to impart, and I learn from you as well, when you share yourself with me.

    I look for a special client.  I look for someone who is open or wants to be open, who wants to engage with more of him/herself.  I give a deep listenership when it is wanted.  I’m playful, but serious in my intention of creating and expanding the energy between us.

    I incorporate educational counseling as well, focusing on healthy personal practices and communications in relationships, with the goal of improving your total sensual and spiritual life.